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I found The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition to be a very positive experience. Everyone I dealt with from the gallery was extremely professional and helpful. The exhibit was thoughtfully arranged, and I enjoyed meeting and talking with the other exhibiting artists at the opening reception which had an impressive turn-out!

Carol Levine, United States, 2022/2023 Selected Artist

Participating in this art competition has been a meaningful and transformative experience that has strengthened my confidence in my work and in myself as an artist. It has motivated me to continue exploring, creating and sharing my art with the world. If you (as an artist) have the opportunity to participate in an art contest, I encourage you to do so. No matter the end result, the experience itself will be valuable and will provide you with unparalleled personal growth and satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to show your talent and let your artistic voice resonate!

Gliser Fuentes Mena, Cuba, 2022/2023 Selected Artist

I was delighted to exhibit at Agora Gallery as part of the Chelsea Fine Arts competition. As I was sending my paintings from France, I initially
had some concerns, but the gallery team was extremely responsive and everything went perfectly. I wasn’t able to attend the opening, but the photos I received showed a magnificent moment.

Marc Vuillermoz, France, 2022/2023 Selected Artist

Just wanted to thank you for putting on, what I thought, was a super show. It looked fabulous and the reception seemed to be very well attended……especially for August. The extremely positive response to my work was insightful and reaffirmed that environmental art will be a big coming thing.

Spencer Frazer, United States, 2022/2023 Selected Artist

I was honored to be part of the 36th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Collective exhibition. During all the period, communications with the members of the Agora Gallery has been perfect, constant and always supportive. My picture was digitally exhibited and I think that this has been a great opportunity to show my work to a wider audience, that’s why I warmly suggest to other artist to participate to the future competition.

Ilaria Miani, Italy, 2021 Selected Artist

I attended the competition on behalf of Hiromitsu Kato. Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, we had a wonderful experience. Not only was it a valuable experience to be able to exhibit at Agora Gallery, it was also very exciting for me to be able to exchange ideas with artists from all over the world and to hear the evaluations of the people in New York who are connoisseurs of art. I hope that everyone will experience this challenge and sense of accomplishment!

Tomoko Kato on behalf of Hiromitsu Kato, Japan, 2021 Selected Artist

My overall impression was that the competition and exhibition were very well prepared. The gallery is well maintained and the personnel was impeccable. Hopefully I will have more collaborations in the future. I strongly recommend artists to apply to the Chelsea International Fine Art competition.

Sonia Indelicato Roseval, Canada, 2021 Selected Artist

It was a “wow” moment for me to display my work with artists from different countries. The whole process of the competition is so enriching and educating, rather its jurying, displaying of artworks, marketing and corresponding. It is remarkable to have a chance to work with the very enthusiastic team of Agora Gallery with their remarkable efforts. To participate in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition is the best chance for any artists to show their work in front of the New York audience. It was overall a memorable experience.

Bhairavi Modi​, India, 2021 Selected Artist

It was wonderful to be part of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. They gave a great platform for my work to the international art market even during the peak of the pandemic when it was hard to reach an audience. I also felt a lot of warmth from Agora Gallery staff who got in touch with me during the exhibition. Communication was also clear from day one. It was extremely satisfying to see my work in the gallery; everything about it was just perfect.

Shubhi Gupta, Singapore, 2020 Selected Artist

It was a such honor to be selected for the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. It was a great opportunity to show my artwork in New York and gained recognitions from the public. I was so pleased to see my artwork to be presented in this beautiful art gallery space. It was also my pleasure to work with Agora stuff teams. They are very professional and friendly. They consider all the details to make sure everything is right. I highly recommend Agora to all the artistes who would present their work in New York.

Jan Zhou, China, 2019 Selected Artist

I want first of all to thank you for your welcome in your gallery, amazing exposure of my paintings (even in the street !) and your encouragements to move forward. I am very proud of my participation in this last Agora Gallery art competition and I trust this will be a stride in my painter career and an acknowledgement for my work beyond borders and oceans. As soon as I came back home, very impressed by this city of New-York which boosted my imagination, I started to prepare new paintings in my workshop. I hope to keep in touch with you and the gallery and that I will have other opportunities to expose my next paintings in Agora Gallery. Warmest regards.

VENDREDI, France, 2019 Selected Artist

I am proud and thrilled to have worked with Agora Gallery in New York City during their 34th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition and exhibition. In my 53-year career in professional photography and television broadcasting I have never been more impressed with the complete team-effort which was accomplished by the people who successfully operate Agora Gallery. During the four month period between April, 2019 through August, 2019, many details were necessary to prepare for the exhibit. The entire staff at Agora Gallery was consistently polite, helpful and precise with their communications, care and expertise in assisting me during the entire process. As a result, the exhibition and accompanying reception were excellent. Thank you, all, for this superb experience.

Ross Lewis, United States, 2019 Selected Artist

I am very happy to have been selected by the jury of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition which allowed me to be exposed in Chelsea, the unrivaled, influential global epicenter of the art world. The whole team of Agora Gallery was very professional, very available and very pleasant in the exchanges that allowed me to exhibit in New York and I send to the team my very big thank you.

Samuel Cornillet, France, 2019 Selected Artist

I am honored to have been selected as a finalist for two consecutive years in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition! So too, to sell an artwork. It was such an enjoyable experience working with the kind and professional Agora team the first time that I decided to enter again. An invaluable opportunity for any artist.

Emily Jones, Australia, 2018 Selected Artist

Agora Gallery gave me the chance, through the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, to exhibit my artwork in New York from a new perspective. The experience enriches me personally and my artistic career. I think it is important to point out the diversity of images and artists that I was able to meet during the exhibition. I’m very grateful for the professionalism of the staff, especially in handling the sales process. And I would recommend to participate in the competitions offered by Agora Gallery.

Candelaria Palacios, Argentina, 2018 Selected Artist

My experience with Agora has been almost a dream come true. I never imagined ever exhibiting in a New York City Chelsea Art Gallery. I thought that would have been the extent of my reward for being selected but I was amazed at how much Agora was committed to the success of the artist… This was absolutely a dream come true. I highly recommend Agora to all artists, especially new and up-and-coming artists. I also reached out to my brother who is a painter and an old high school friend, a photographer. The best thing about Agora was that it reignited the fire in me to continue painting. Thank you.

Herold P Alexis, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

I was very happy to be selected to participate the Agora Competition. They were very attentive to all the details of shipping the sculptures from Brazil to USA. It was a pleasure be part of the exhibition and I highly encourage others artists to enter in the competition and believe in their art. I would like to work with Agora again in the near future.

Beth Cavalcanti, Brazil, 2018 Selected Artist

I have never worked with such professional and engaged people in the field of fine art before! It was a pleasure to communicate with so many people, each of them absolutely expert in his/her field. I also like the kind and polite way of communication. A special joy for me was to read the text, “About the Artist”. I felt great after having read it! And I felt understood in a rare way.

Even when it was a little bit difficult for me, as a German, to understand all the e-mails it was a great thing to deal with such a great team in such a great town! I am very proud to have been selected by the jurors and can recommend participating in the competition next year.

Peter Genssler, Germany, 2018 Selected Artist

I consider it has been an important step forward in my career as an artist. Having been selected out of so many international artists contributes to increasing the value of my work.

José María Peña, Spain, 2017 Selected Artist

It was very overwhelming to see my artwork in the Agora Gallery. The way the art was displayed seem very professional and with care. It was great to be part of the crowd of international artist brought together for this fine art competition.

Liz Walinski, Germany, 2016 Selected Artist

I decided to enter when I saw that there were seven jurors from four different countries. This seemed important to me since I felt that the number of diverse jurors would mean fair adjudication of everyone’s work… I have painted for many years and exhibited many times, but I never felt confident to call myself an artist. Now I feel that I can do so.

Patti Fontaine, Canada, 2015 Selected Artist

This was the first time that my artwork was exhibited outside Canada… two pieces were sold, and the positive feedback that I received boosted my confidence in what I am doing.

Renée De Gagné, Canada, 2014 Selected Artist

Winning the competition allowed me to feel more confident in my work and increased my exposure in the art world. I have nothing but praise for the competition staff and the staff at Agora Gallery. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in any gallery. I would love to enter again and have recommended the competition to many artists.

Ed Moret, United States, 2013 Selected Artist

To see my work displayed on the walls of your gallery was validating on so many levels. I have been doing art for more than forty years, and I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of satisfaction, joy, accomplishment, and personal honor. Thank you for that opportunity. Winning the competition has fueled my passion and inspired me to work harder. It has also provided me with distinction as a professional fine artist.

Doug DePice, United States, 2012 Selected Artist

It was a pleasure to participate in the 2011 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. It was the second time I took part, and I was very proud to be selected this time. It was amazing to have the chance to show my artwork in the Agora Gallery, and it was a great feeling to be a New York City exhibited artist. It has motivated me to work even harder and to go my own way in my abstract painting.

Ilse Bormann, Germany, 2011 Selected Artist

My experience with Agora Gallery has been very positive. Although I could not attend the exhibition itself for reasons of travel, everything related to the exhibition has been very professional throughout. Working with a gallery like this is always a help to the creative work of a photographer.

Jose A. Gallego, Spain, 2010 Selected Artist

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