Thank you for participating in our competition!

2024 Competition Awards – Valued at More Than $70,000

This year’s Chelsea International Fine Art Competition awards offer participating artists a wide range of opportunities and prizes focused on promoting the selected artists to enhance their careers. 

Collective Exhibition

Thirty artists will be selected to exhibit in the collective exhibition, which will take place at Agora Gallery:

Press Release: A press release will be written for each artist by Agora Gallery’s public relations team.

Public Relations: Agora Gallery’s PR Department will invite private art buyers, art consultants, corporations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and members of the media.

Display Ad: An advertisement for the collective exhibition will be shared in a publication of the competition’s choosing.

Opening Reception: All artists, their invitees, and the New York art community at large will be invited to an opening night reception. The event will be captured and promoted on Agora Gallery’s social media channels.

Invitations By Email: Invitations promoting the exhibition and your work will be emailed to Agora Gallery’s extensive mailing list.

Gallery Listing: The exhibition will be announced in a NY art magazine (such as Gallery Guide, M Magazine, etc.), as well as on Agora Gallery’s website and various other art world sites.

Social Media: Your work will be promoted on various social media channels, including Agora Gallery’s Facebook page with over 100,000 followers. Your work will appear on an exhibition page on Agora Gallery‘s website. In addition, photos from the opening reception will also be shared on

Cash Prizes

Five artists will be awarded a cash prize of $1,000 each.

Online Promotion

Five artists will be awarded one year of exposure on​ including access to Agora Gallery’s art writers to assist and compose a professional artist statement.

Honorable Mention

Ten artists will receive an Honorable Mention and a complimentary entry to the 39th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition.

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