The Chelsea International Photography Competition Results, 2019/2020

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2019/2020 Chelsea International Photography Competitions.

Competition Jurors:

Alison Morley

Alison Morley

Chair Emeritus
Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center of Photography

New York 

Jaime Permuth

Jaime Permuth

Established Photographer
Faculty Member at the School of Visual Arts

New York

Selected to participate in the competition exhibition:

Professional Photography category:
Ada Luisa Trillo, AJ Stetson, Christine Mooijer, Henriette Tronrud, Rebecca Franke, Sonia Dias, Masato Ugumori, Christine L. Mace, Gulsen Goksel, Orna Naor, Ty Stedman, Salvatore G.F.Crimi, Gavin Smart, Gianluca Pollini, Jean-Claude Allard

Amateur Photography category:
Svetlin Yosifov, Giordano Raigada Conesa, David Santaolalla, Agustina Speroni, Ludvig Perés, Ferney Coy, Aleksandr Romanov, Streetmax21, Julie Mihaly, Vincent Peal, Marina de Wit, Stephen Chivalry, Gus Fine Art, Nicola Ducati, Kirill Kurbatov

Selected to participate in the Art Fair
Yesica Aranda González

Entitled to receive cash prizes of $500 each:
João Miguel Barros, Bill Friedman, John Keatley, Miguel Otero Fuentes, Karina Suarez

Entitled to one year of exposure on, which includes an artist statement composed by ARTmine’s talented art writers:
Paolo Repetto, Sebastian Sardi, David Solomita, Joel Bardeau, Lê Phương Hiền

Note: New York Art Competitions is proud to sponsor the competition, but New York Art Competitions and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors

View the 2019/2020 Signed Minutes of Decisions

Jurors’ Pick – 2019/2020 Selected Artists

OPENING RECEPTION: December 19, 2020

Reception Video and Photos

New York Art Competitions presents the following images from the 2019/2020 selected artists of the Chelsea International Photography Competition. Note that the images shown below are representative of the selected photographers’ works, and do not necessarily reflect the final artwork which will be shown in the Chelsea International Photography Competition Exhibition.