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The 29th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Results, 2014

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2014 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition after reviewing the submitted artwork.

Competition Jurors:
Carlo McCormick, Art Critic, Curator, and Author

Selected to participate in the exhibition, appeared in the exhibition catalog, and were displayed on the Agora Gallery website
Alexander Churchill, Amy Gilvary, Andreas Tomblin, Andrew K. Currey, Anna Pont, Brandy Trigueros, Curtis Salonick, Denise Dethlefsen, Ivannia Lasso, Janet Rossi, Joan Taltavull, Joaquin Amaya, Joel Trieger, John Ilg, John Nieman, Judith Vergara Garcia,Keiko Tomita, Lauren Haggis, Mack Gingles, Marcin Ryczek, Maria Jose Vicuña, Mario Caccia, Mark Lloyd, Marlen Peix, Michael Woodle, Nicoletta Balani, Renee De Gagne, Riette Steenkamp, Rudy Bortolini, Sergio Nates, Songnyeo Lyoo, Tom Uebelherr, Tuco Amalfi

Entitled to receive cash awards:
Dan Gerbo ($500), Carolina Pelegri ($300), Manuel Rodríguez Domínguez ($200)

Entitled to one year of exposure on
ABE Maria LEEAN, Anton Hoeger, Carlo Keshishian, Elena Tamburini,Flavio Rossi, Jim Ellis, Malik Al Maliki, Michael (AKA Mic Le Pirate) Jonas, Noelle Maline, Paul Dodez, Phil Burger, Pierrick Fiolleau

Entitled to a review in ARTisSpectrum magazine:
C. R. Cain, Emilyann Gachko, Katia Neboit Croze

Entitled to a press releases from
Donna Marie Mckno, Katherine Gailer, Marcel K. Bisdorf, Maria Saracino, Marta Juvanteny, Mona Oates, Nadine Levin, Nafissa Harvoire, Nunokawa Junko, Susie Dureau

Entitled to a portfolio package from
Kelsey Stephenson, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Yun Nam

Entitled to a complete package from
Michael Harris

Note: New York Art Competitions is proud to sponsor the competition, but New York Art Competitions and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors.

View the 2014 Signed Minutes of Decisions

Jurors’ Pick – 2014 Selected Artists

OPENING RECEPTION: August 28, 2014

Reception Video and Photos

New York Art Competitions presents the following images from the 2014 selected artists of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Note that the images shown below are representative of the selected artists’ works, and do not necessarily reflect the final artwork which will be shown in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition, New York Art Competitions website or ARTisSpectrum magazine.

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