28th Chelsea International Art Competition, 2013

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2013 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition after reviewing the submitted artwork

Competition Juror:
Mr. Anthony Haden-Guest, Art Critic

Selected to participate in the competition exhibition
Anne Sedel, Sean Arce, Céline Bardou, Liza Brenner, Rebecca Calhoun, Airco Caravan, Tracey Derrick, Kat Elagina, Brigitte Garcia, Hank Gray, Michelle Hartney, Gudrun Heamägi, Dong Whan Kang, Jordi Marin-Gest, Russell Mehlman, Alain Millerand, Hélène Mogensen de Monléon, Edward Moret, Yasuaki Okamoto, Alix Pierre, Jonathan Popovich, Jeffrey Richter, Debbee Sheppard, Kristina Siegel, Chuck Siler, Mark St. Mary, Neale Stratford, John Szabo, Maria Torrendell, Swarte Vulpescu Olaru, Christina White, Mia Am Fenster, Beatriz González, Talia Savyone.

Entitled to receive cash awards:
$500 to Dana Crossan, $300 to Andrew Shin and $200 to Alexandria Lira.

Entitled to one year of exposure on ARTmine.com:
Lawrence Baker, Silla Calzolari, Jorge De La Torriente, Carolina Delgado, Phyllis Dunseth, Florian Froese-Peeck, Eugeny Galkin, Stacia Gates, Sophie Herbé, Yasmine Laraqui, Oriol Jolonch, Julie Ramage.

Entitled to a review in ARTisSpectrum magazine:
Antoine Guiraud, Francisco Emiliano Karothy, Clint Saunders

Entitled to a press releases from E4A.com:
Donna Marie Mckno, Katherine Gailer, Marcel K. Bisdorf, Maria Saracino, Marta Juvanteny, Mona Oates, Nadine Levin, Nafissa Harvoire, Nunokawa Junko, Susie Dureau

Note: While Agora Gallery is the sponsor and organizer of the competition, the 2013 competition was juried by Mr. Anthony Haden-Guest, a British writer, reporter, cartoonist, art critic and occasional performer, who lives in New York and London. Mr. Haden-Guest is not affiliated with Agora Gallery in any manner. Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process.

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Jurors’ Pick – 2013 Selected Artists

OPENING RECEPTION: August 22, 2013

Reception Video and Photos

Agora Gallery presents the following images from the 2013 selected artists of the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition. Note that the images shown below are representative of the selected artists’ works, and do not necessarily reflect the final artwork which will be shown in the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition, Agora Gallery website or ARTisSpectrum magazine.

María Salomé, Suspendida 5, Oil on Acrylic, 11" x 9"

Competition Calendar

Art submitted to the competition will be reviewed by a rotating panel of expert jurors, each representing a different field in the art world, ensuring a fair and balanced selection process.

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