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My participation in the Latin American Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery was one of the most important experiences of my career as an artist. The work that the Agora Gallery team put into our exhibition was extremely professional: starting with their selection of the jury, the communication with the artists, the incredible work they put into our exhibition creating so many collateral pieces such as the pamphlets, the photos, the videos, and the relationship with the press. The reception was especially emotional, Agora shone again, as it was a true Latin American party. Many people got to know me thanks to this exhibition. I am eternally grateful to Agora and his team for giving Latin American art a home.

Claudia Ruiz Gustafson, Peru, 2019 Selected Artist

Two of my favorites takes from this experience have been: Having my work curated by such influential figures in the New York art scene, and being a part of a show with multiple generations of Latin American artists; artists who have been evolving their practice for 50 years, and young artist like myself that are still learning and developing.

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Puerto Rico, 2018 Selected Artist

Participating in the Ágora Gallery competition has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. The opportunity to show my work in the great showcase open to the world is very important for me at this time: nothing less than the opportunity to make myself known at the highest level. Besides, the communication with the organization of the Gallery has been very fluid and friendly and they have facilitated the whole process and solved any type of doubt. It has been an example of the old saying: “If you have a dream… pursue it and get it!”

Clara De Bobes, Spain, 2018 Selected Artist

Mies van der Rohe said “God is in the details” and Agora Gallery took note. Everything – from communication with the staff to the exhibition setup was impeccable. The people at Agora are friendly, professional and competent. Your work is in good hands. They go the extra mile in helping you prepare for the exhibition with detailed tips. I am grateful for the opportunity of presenting my work in their beautiful gallery.

Miguel Otero Fuentes, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

The whole experience of exhibiting in the gallery has been even better than I expected, the staff has always been very kind, always attentive guiding me in every step of the process. I would do it again without thinking and I hope everyone has a chance to participate in the future, it will be a unique and pleasant experience. One that I will never forget.

Daniel Serva, Venezuela, 2018 Selected Artist

My experience with Agora Gallery has been incredibly positive, communication with the gallery was easy and clear. The gallery looked beautiful for the opening reception and the work selected by the jurors was impressive. It was clear to me that they paid a lot of attention to detail in the way the pieces were placed throughout the gallery. Hopefully they will do this again next year.

Josefina Fernandez Moran, United States, 2018 Selected Artist

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