The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition, 2018

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2018 Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition.

Competition Jurors:

Lourdes I. Ramos-Rivas

Lourdes I. Ramos-Rivas

P.h.D. – President and CEO
Museum of Latin American Art

Long Beach, California

Patrick Charpenel

Patrick Charpenel

Executive Director
El Museo del Barrio

New York

Andrea Giunta

Andrea Giunta

Curator and Professor of Art History University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Selected to participate in the competition exhibition:
Jonathan Herrera, Ella Prince, Ordí Calder, Yanine Zatarain, Nora Sidoine, Ciro Quintana, Harold Ferrer, Sisel Lan, Miguel Otero-Fuentes, Perez Reiter, Neyda Pitt, Daniel Serva, Josefina F. Moran, Martin Morales, Liana Timm, Clara de Bobes, Yani deSousa, Paciel González, Silvio Fischbein, Tina Maria Dunkley, Valerie Rey, Luisa Valderrama, César Zúñiga, Laura Mosquera, Sioban ODonoghue
Selected to participate in the Art Fair:
Pablo Medina

Entitled to receive cash prizes of $500 each:
Eugene Rodriguez, Francisca Garriga, Sebastián Gonzalez, Sahiye Cruz Villegas, Liliana Danovaro

Entitled to one year of exposure on, which includes an artist statement composed by ARTmine’s talented art writers:
Abenamar Bauta Delgado, Fernando R. Magdaleno, Manuel Riquelme Loyola, Marcela García Henríquez, Cristian M Verdejo

Entitled to Digital Display with the presentation of their artwork as part of the slideshow on the gallery:
Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Jorge F. Doldán Berlan, Juan Carlos Morales Reséndiz, Luba Zygarewicz, Samantha Ortiz, Raelis R Vasquez, Luis Amado De Sousa Villa, Rigoberto Diaz, Martín Sigwald, Gabriel Jaquez

Note: Agora Gallery is proud to sponsor the competition, but Agora Gallery and its employees had no input or influence in the selection process. All selection decisions were made by the competition jurors

View the 2018 Signed Minutes of Decisions

Jurors’ Pick – 2018 Selected Artists

OPENING RECEPTION: December 6, 2018

Reception Video and Photos

New York Art Competitions presents the following images from the 2018 selected artists of the Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition. The images shown below are representative of the selected artists artwork and do not necessarily reflect the final selection which will be presented at the Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition exhibition.

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