This year’s Competition Awards

This year’s Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition awards offer participating artists a wide range of opportunities and prizes specifically chosen to promote the selected Latin American artists and enhance their careers. The Competition is an opportunity qualifying artists shouldn’t miss.


Collective Exhibition

25 artists from the Classical Exhibition Category and 10 artists from the Digital Display Category – will be selected to exhibit in the collective exhibition from August 2nd, 2022. The Exhibition will be hosted by Agora Gallery at White Space Chelsea (555 West 25th Street, Street Level, New York):

Classical Exhibition:

Twenty Five (25) artists will be selected to display three or more artworks as part of the group exhibition.

Digital Display Category:

Ten (10) artists will be awarded the presentation of their artwork as part of the slideshow on our monitor during the exhibition and their work will be presented on the Agora Gallery website as part of the group exhibition.

Promotional Benefits:

Artwork Display: Your work will be displayed at the gallery.

Press Release: A unique press release will be written for each individual artist by one of the gallery’s highly talented public relations writers.

Public Relations: The gallery’s PR department will invite a wide range of guests to the exhibition, including private art buyers, art consultants, corporations, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and members of the media.

Display Ad: An advertisement for the collective exhibition will be placed in a publication of the competition’s choosing.

Opening Reception: An opening night reception will be organized for the artists, their invitees, and the New York art community at large. The event will be photographed and promoted on the gallery’s various social media channels.

Invitations By Email: Invitations promoting the exhibition and your artwork will be emailed to our extensive mailing list.

Gallery Listing: The exhibition will be announced on our website and on various other art-related sites.

Catalog: An image of your artwork will be published in a color catalog specifically produced for the collective exhibition. The catalog will be distributed to the artists and art enthusiasts.

Social Media: Your artwork will be promoted on various social media channels, including Agora Gallery’s Facebook page, which has over 100,000 fans. Your artwork will appear in an exhibition page which will be part of the Agora Gallery website, and in addition, photos from the opening reception will appear on and on Facebook.

Cash Prizes

Five (5) artists will be awarded a cash prize of $500 each.

Online Promotion

Five (5) artists will be awarded one year of exposure on which includes an artist statement composed by ARTmine’s talented art writers.

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