The Chelsea International Photography Competition Results, 2022/2023

Competition Jurors:


Ângela Ferreira

Artist & Independent Photography Curator
Portugal and Brazil 

Marina De Wit_2

David Campany

Writer, Curator, Artist and Educator
United Kingdom

The following are the results based on the average scores provided by the jurors of the 2022/2023 Chelsea International Photography Competitions.

Participation in the competition exhibition that will be held in Agora Gallery, New York on 2024.

Professional Photography category:
Caterina Pacialeo, Qingjun Huang, Claude Eshun, Thomas Schlereth, Tom Atwood, Claudia Behrensen, Cheraine Collette, Mathilde Troussard, Hsuan Chung,
Brad Jones, Fabiola Ledda, Jiatong Lu, Walter Plotnick, PhenomenaLewis, Cameron David Maier

Amateur Photography category:
Jo Ann Chaus, Eddy Verloes, Allison Plass, Andrea Zinn, Lori Perbeck, Nicola Ducati, Nafissa Harvoire, Irene Wolpert, Stanislava Chening, Marek Zenon Dudek, Michael Potts, Frederick Wong, Tim Smith, Anibal Barreiros, Liza Hennessey Botkin

Cash Prizes Awards:

Stephen D Ciaffa, Amadeusz Świerk, Robert Lie, Tomoki Sawyer, Simone Hutsch exposure:

Nikolas Garcia, Wai Hei Willy Wong, Xuemeng Zhang , Marek Boguszak, Asiya Al Sharabi


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2022/2023 Selected Artists

OPENING RECEPTION: February 20, 2024

Reception Photos

New York Art Competitions presents the following images from the 2022/2023 selected artists of the Chelsea International Photography Competition. Note that the images shown below are representative of the selected photographers’ works, and do not necessarily reflect the final artwork which will be shown in the Chelsea International Photography Competition Exhibition.


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