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Competition Results

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Congratulations to the selected artists for August 29 – September 12, 2023

La Adelita - (1905 - 1914) Mexican Revolutionary Soldier

Ricardo Gonzales

Claudia Palisa

Ida Ochoteco

Fuerte Norteño

Claudia Palisa

Iglesia el Calvario

Andrés Guardado

Catrina 2

Erika Zorrilla Muñoz


Tayanna Duan

Jaguar Soldier

Silvestre Miranda

Así es Cuando Nos Enamoramos, [Te Amo ❤️ Yo Más ❤️]

Lourdes Rivera


Maria Pagan-Santiago

Comparative anatomy of a deeply rooted heart


The Madonna Re-Imagined 

Congratulations to the selected artists for July 24 – August 9, 2023

Lost and not Found

Iuliia Shulga

La Madonna del Draghi

Riccardo Rossi


Gomathi Sivasubramanian

The Basket of Life

Jess Jacobs

The Power of Women

Sara Mahmoudi


Agnès Monnet

Madonna Elemental

Katia Ariza Bonilla

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