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White Space Chelsea helps you reach your audience and put on successful events by offering these services:

  • Event planning and production
  • Catering, furniture rental, staffing, and floral resources
  • Projection and audio/visual setup
  • Full design and printing capabilities
  • Social media, marketing, and public relations
  • Photography and creative

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Artists’ Conclave believes in collaboration with National and International Artists, Art Societies and organisations worldwide to enrich and epitomize the SOUL of ART in any form.

The art of merging two or more creative whizzes, whether it is an artist and a writer, an artist and a photographer or an artist and a musician, these powerful partnerships have the ability to create a massive explosion of creativity resulting in an expanded, well thought out concept. These events are more than getting together to fuse various creative energies into a large piece of creative explosion. By connecting artists from all walks of life in India and abroad, one can discover the unity in diversity, which doesn’t just happen in one day, it’s a long, committed process.

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Agora Gallery was established in 1984 by a fine artist with the goal to provide artists with opportunities to present their creations to the New York art market. Agora Gallery provides a number of prizes for the Indian Contemporary Art Competition, including promotion on their popular online website, a profile in their biannual fine art magazine and participation in an exhibition in Chelsea.

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ARTmine is an online fine art gallery for art professionals and enthusiasts, including private and corporate collectors, interior designers, and art consultants. This contemporary art collection, operated by Agora Gallery, offers the opportunity to view and buy artwork by some of the most exciting national and international contemporary artists.

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Ilango’s Artspace was launched by eminent artist Shri. A.V.Ilango, who has been teaching drawing and painting for more than thirty years.

This art space is not only his studio, but a place where he nurtures creativity in other minds, from little children to adults. The objective is the process of drawing and painting to express oneself in visual arts while enjoying the act of thinking and creating in an informal and personalized ambiance.

Ilango says: “Art lets you be in the now.” He believes in the traditional guru-shishya pedagogy. The learning is customized, based on the aptitude, sensibility and passion of the aspirants.

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Established by Agora Gallery, Social Media for Artists leverages the extensive experience and network in order to provide artists a one-stop station for all the social marketing needs. The digital marketing experts help bring the artists’ stories to the digital world, in front of fellow artists and potential collectors, by tailoring customized digital strategies. 

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ARTiclass by Agora Gallery, is an online (via zoom) international art workshops for artists and art lovers who wish to improve or pick up new art skills and connect with like-minded artists from around the globe. ARTiclass offers  a variety of fun, exciting, and educational online art courses like Illustration, painting, sculpting, video production, drawing and more, at beginner through advanced levels. Art classes participants take part in the active learning community forum for constant feedback and inspiration from their friends and the professional instructors team, while enjoying additional Agora Galley’s benefits. 

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Competition Calendar

Art submitted to the competition will be reviewed by a rotating panel of expert jurors, each representing a different field in the art world, ensuring a fair and balanced selection process.
SEP 2019
DEC 2020
FEB 2021
DEC 2021

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